Cupid Factory Is The Next Visual Novel From Idea Factory

30 September, 2021 - 9:00 am by
About 2 mins to read

There’s a new visual novel on the block from Idea Factory and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch in November. In this game, five singletons have been infected by a love parasite that affects their chances of finding true love. Our main character Lynette is tasked with finding love for each of the five, but could she find it herself?

Cupid Factory is a romantic comedy game that has you managing the life of Lynette Mirror who is the top bridal advisor in Los York. She’s been tasked with pairing up in-vogue, young adults with their life partners. As Lynette is actually Cupid, yes that Cupid, you could say she’s good at her job. When she has to marry off five single men, infected with a love parasite, she has to persuade them to take part in a reality TV programme. You can’t make this up.

As this is a visual novel, the answers you choose will direct the story and affect the outcome of the game. Each of the five singletons has a Love Level, and if this bar is raised high enough, you’ll unlock that person’s ending. There’s various options to explore and every one of the five have different attributes to explore. Once you’ve completed the game once, a new game + will open up allowing you to either choose your own way through or do some further matchmaking to try and find the ultimate ending.

Cupid Parasite isn’t just getting a normal digital and physical release either. The Limited Edition comes packed with goodies, including:

  • Switch Game (with reversible cover sleeve showing the original Japanese artwork)
  • Steel book case
  • “The Parasite’s Guide to Los York” Hardcover Artbook
  • Keychain Set
  • Collector’s Box
  • Radio Los York Presents: Pillow Talk (2-disc Audio Drama + OP/ED themes)
  • Exclusive Trading Card

Cupid Factory is due for release on 5th November in Europe & UK. North America sees the game release a few days earlier.