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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC Finally Announced

12 September, 2022 - 12:25 am by
About 2 mins to read

We all know that Cyberpunk 2077 was a little bit… lacklustre when it was released back in 2020, but as time has gone on and the team at CD Projekt Red have been busy working on improving the game. Now comes the next chapter in Night City as Phantom Liberty DLC has been unveiled, but with a huge caveat.

Due for a release in 2023, Phantom Liberty sees V and Johnny Silverhand return to a new section of Night City. When V pledges allegiance to the New United States of America, Silverhand provides a stern warning in typical fashion, while the world seems to explode in a spectacular style.

Apart from the short teaser above, CD Projekt were rather coy about what to expect. We’ve noticed a new power whip being thrashed about and the new area looks to be one of the more vibrant areas of Night City, but that is all the team are willing to share at this point.

One noticeable omission with Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is that this will only be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, meaning those on last gen hardware are out of luck as support has officially ended. The PS4 and Xbox One versions were substandard but with this year’s latest update, a lot of issues were fixed. It does appear that this expansion is a step too far for the nearly-decade old hardware.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out now, with Phantom Liberty coming out at some point next year.