Darksiders III Comes To Nintendo Switch

9 August, 2021 - 3:40 pm by
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When Darksiders III released in 2018 it came to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Nintendo’s handheld was given a pass. Most assumed this because of the horsepower of the console, but it was a strange omission considering the first two games, and the spin-off Genesis which released a year after Fury’s debut have all taken place on the eShop. Until today, when THQ Nordic and Gunfire games have announced that Darksiders III is coming to the Nintendo Switch in September.

The third entry in the Darksiders series puts you in the place of Fury, one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. Unlike previous entries which have linear paths and minimal exploration, Fury’s world is open for exploration as she sets about her quest to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins and instead of a sword of scythe like her brothers, Fury utlises a whip which helps take out multiple enemies at once.

We haven’t seen what this version looks like, but we’re assuming the graphics have taken some form of hit, but we do know that the Switch version will include both previously released DLCs, Keepers of the Void and The Crucible as part of the package.

Darksiders III will release on 30th September in both physical and digital forms for Nintendo Switch for a cost of £34.99 / €39.99.