Deckbuilder RTS – Rogue Command Announced By Feneq Coming 2022

11 January, 2022 - 12:20 pm by
About 2 mins to read

Indie developers Feneq – a studio made up of just two people – have announced their first game, an ambitious real time strategy/deckbuilding game Rogue Command, which will be heading into Steam Early Access in 2022 and we have the first look inside.

Rogue Command is a RTS game that pits cute robots against each other as they decide not to work for a thousand years. The Engineer, has gone rogue and will settle at nothing to make sure the interstellar planet core mining corporation will not take his day off.

Lead the robotic uprising against the Planetary Core Extractor Company is done by building a base from scratch in procedurally generated battlefields across a star system with 16 distinct planet biomes. The 16 planets allow exploration through different environments as well as harvesting local resources to construct foundries, and assemble an insurmountable army.

The deckbuilding elements come in at the end of each battle as a blueprint is given that allows the construction of a new unit, or by upgrading the arsenal that’s already been amassed. There’s more than 100 different strategy-altering blueprints and 90 distinct units to discover so there are a lot of combinations on hand to help The Engineer secure his day off.

We feel that Rogue Command looks pretty solid for a first game, and considering it’s from a two person team (based in Frankfurt, Germany for those who want to know), the story sounds outrageous, yet relatable and RTS games are long overdue a resurgence. It is certainly a game we’re excited to learn more about over the coming months.

Rogue Command is pencilled in for an Early Access release Q3 2022 on Steam and can be wishlisted here. The full release is currently targeting an early 2023 launch.