Devil’s Third dumped, South Park delayed and a possible onslaught of DLC

16 May, 2012 - 7:43 pm by

It’s not easy “out there”, Greece failing, half of Europe falling apart and the world money market just not really existing anymore. Almost everyone is feeling some sort of pain and game developers and publishers are no different than the rest of us. This is one of the reasons why THQ have had to delay and drop games.

According to Eurogamer, during a investor call, THQ have confirmed that South Park: The Game, which is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the Fallout New Vegas creators is going to be delayed until Q4 of the 2013 year.

Additionally, they’ve confirmed that they’re ditching Devil’s Third, created by Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonbu Itagaki.

When we ranked all of our product releases when we underwent our restructuring, the profitability of Devil’s Third wasn’t comparable with our other franchises – Brian Farell

So it looks like it’s being dropped as it’s not going to be proftiable to THQ, although another publisher could pick it up.

THQ’s release schedule now looks like:

  • Darksiders 2; console, PC; August 2012.
  • Saints Row: The Third – Enter The Dominatrix; console, PC; September 2012.
  • Annual WWE Game; console, PC; Q3 FY13.
  • Company of Heroes 2; PC; Q4 FY13.
  • Metro: Last Light; console, PC; Q4 FY13.
  • South Park: The Game; console, PC; Q4 FY13.

Not only this, but it looks like we’ve got a whole heap of DLC coming to all THQ games if you can read between the lines of this statement:

We exceeded our initial fourth quarter guidance for net sales, earnings and cash position, driven by high quality core games with a significant digital component, which is the blueprint for our future.

We have made significant changes to our business, and are on track to execute our strategy of delivering quality connected core gaming experiences, beginning with the sequel to the award-winning Darksiders in August. – Brian Farrell

Although that still remains to be seen.

Source: Eurogamer