Dragonborn announced for Skryim

7 November, 2012 - 8:09 pm by

Bethesda have announced the third major add-on for The ELder Scrolls V: Skryim. Dragonborn will send players to an island north of Skryim known as Solthseim. The story is that there was one ruler of the island who did not fear dragons. He devoured them. Now he looks set to return to the world. A trailer from Bethesda was also released with the announcement, which can be found inside.

Releasing on Xbox 360 from 4th December and costing 1600 MS points (around £14) Dragonborn will give players new weapons and armour to play with such as spears and bone armour. Most importantly you will now be able to mount and ride dragons. This will make travel MUCH easier in the vast world.

As usual, no PlayStation 3 or PC releases have been confirmed as Bethesda struggle to get extra content available to work on Sony’s console.

Xbox 360 players can look forward to Skyrim: Dragonborn from 4th December.