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E3 2021: Gearbox E3 Showcase

12 June, 2021 - 9:30 pm by
About 4 mins to read

We’re back with the second E3 2021 presentation of the day. This time we’ll be taking a look at Gearbox Software’s slate of games. Unlike Ubisoft’s presentation where you can pretty much guess their running order, this promises to be filled with more surprises and curveballs. Let’s take a look.

What we know / best guesses / rumours

We know that Borderlands D&D inspired spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will make an appearance after the above trailer was revealed a couple of days ago. We’d expect more information on the game with gameplay being pretty much a shoe-in. Since Tiny Tina is scheduled for an early 2022 release, we might get a date to pop in the diary. We’d also put a wager on seeing actual footage of the Borderlands movie as that is also due next year. Moving away from the cel-shaded looter-shooter series, Tribes of Midgard was given a release date for 27th July so it’ll be a dead cert to have a look at the real-time strategy game.

Moving on to possibilities, this is where things get tricky because there aren’t a lot of games we know about and they’ve also turned their hand to publishing. We’re half expecting the majority of the time to be dedicated to the publishing side of things rather than their own studios. If we stick with Gearbox’s previous IPs then WW2 shooter series Brothers in Arms could be due a comeback.

Heading into wildcard/rumour territory we think that Gearbox could lend its knowledge of first person shooters to the Red Faction series. The licence of the series has gone from Volition to THQ, then to Nordic Games (when they bought the THQ brand. After this, Nordic Games (now Embracer Group) purchased Volition and earlier in the year, Gearbox. Our understanding is that the IP didn’t return to Volition so there’s a slim chance that a new Red Faction could land with the developers of Borderlands.

What actually happened

Updates from the Gearbox showcase will appear here, latest first.

Godfall PS4 version

Here’s an interesting one, the PlayStation 5 exclusive launch title that was unable to run on the PlayStation 4 due to how the game utilised the SSD, is coming to the PlayStation 4. Godfall comes complete with all current content as well as a free PS5 upgrade when players can eventually get their hands on a new console.

Also announced was the Fire & Darkness expansion as well as cross generation multiplayer, with more details coming at a later date. Godfall PS4 launches on 10th August.

Tribes of Midgard

Another replay of the trailer that was released a couple of days ago. The strategy defence game based on viking mythology is coming to the PlayStation 5, PS4 & PC on 27th July.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

A replay of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands announcment was played… and that was it. No further information of note except the game is a standalone experience and no prior knowledge of the Borderlands universe is needed.

Homeworld 3

After a long intro and look behind the scenes of the Borderlands movie, our first game of the Gearbox presentation is an announcement that Homeworld 3 is in development. It was originally announced back in 2019 but things have been quiet for the RTS game but it’s back and it’s coming to PC towards the end of 2022.