ELEX II Gets New Trailer Ahead Of March Release

12 January, 2022 - 11:24 am by
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THQ Nordic have released the latest trailer for ELEX II, a third person open world hack and slash from developers Piranha Bytes. The new trailer confirms a March release as well as showcasing some new powers that’ll be available throughout the game.

ELEX II takes place on the same post-apocalyptic world of Magalan as the first game. Several years after the protagonist Jax defeated the Hybrid, he finds the planet under threat against a new enemy that unleashes the dangerous powers of dark Elex. In an effort to defend Magalan, Jax embarks on a mission to convince the factions to unite against the invaders, as well as the small family matter of reuniting with his son who has gone missing.

From the trailer, combat looks fluid and engaging with a wealth of weapons to hand. Of course the usual line-up of guns and rockets are available but throw into the mix big hammers, swords, bows and even laser weapons and this should be a fun third person adventure game that THQ Nordic are famous for.

The open world features multiple factions and diverse environments that can be traversed by jetpack. Interacting with the various factions allows Jax to gain the trust of the local NPCs who can decide whether to help the cause or not. ELEX II doesn’t stop here, as the tribes will remember choices made – good or bad so each decision has a weighty consequence on how the game unfolds. If they’re ‘accidentally’ killed then they won’t be able to help, so make sure you don’t go postal on them, even though it could be tempting…

ELEX II will be available across PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One from 1st March. The release will include both physical and digital editions and there’s even a Collector’s Edition featuring the game’s soundtrack, keychain and statue.