Evil West New Gameplay Trailer & Pre-Orders Go Live

12 September, 2022 - 5:46 pm by
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Hey you, gamer! Want a new game with gun-toting cowboys donned in spurs and bandoliers set in the Western Frontier? How about a game with a gothic horror aesthetic filled with vampire hunters and ghoulish hellspawn? How about a game with both worlds combined into one? Well partner, you’re in luck because Evil West has you covered!

Developed by Flying Wild Hog (notable for their Shadow Warrior series and, more recently, action side-scroller Trek to Yomi) and published by Focus Entertainment, the studio behind great titles such as Vampyr, GreedFall and A Plague Tale, Evil West has promising potential. Now sporting a new extended gameplay trailer, the third-person action game will be out November 22nd 2022 and be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

Evil West sees the player step into the spur-studded boots of hunter Jesse Rentier, son of the proprietor of Rentier Institute, a clandestine vampire-hunting organisation. With his long duster coat, cowboy hat, quick six-shooter and seemingly quicker wit, the young gunslinger is shaping up to be a potent mix of the sassy demi-demon Dante from the Devil May Cry series and cigar smoking, smooth talking Cole Cassidy from Overwatch. Throw in hordes of bloodthirsty monsters and a horse drawn carriage, and it’s like Van Helsing meets the Wild West!

From the new gameplay trailer, we can garner quite a lot of information – and I like a lot of what I see! From the opening cinematic that displays a beautiful yet haunting Victorian style mansion (boasting fantastic graphics from the Unreal 4 Engine) we see our protagonist mosey up on horseback with what appears to be a fellow hunter.

Jesse’s arsenal looks to be an exciting mix of Old West firearms and new wave technology; one minute he’s shooting long-range with a repeater style rifle, and the next he’s pulling enemies toward himself using a funky looking electrified gauntlet. From the combat showcased in the trailer, we see a brutal and bloody style of fighting, where you can combo gun fights with close quarter melee attacks in a fluent and almost graceful fashion – it’s very reminiscent of the ruthless finishers from the revamped Doom games.

All in all, the Wild West vampire-hunting horror story looks like its going to be both interesting and super fun – with the added bonus of being able to play the campaign co-op with a buddy if you need an extra set of guns to help you protect the American frontier against the hordes of the undead! Evil West is definitely one you’ll want to put on your wishlist.

Remember, Evil West will be available on November 22nd 2022. Pre-orders are now open across all platforms and on the Focus Entertainment Store, and will net players with the Wild Wild East Skin Pack, and exclusive cover art for those who opt for physical editions.

Buckle up, pardner – it’s huntin’ time!