G-Darius HD Out Now, Physical Edition Coming October

30 September, 2021 - 12:11 am by
About 2 mins to read

TAITO and ININ Games have announced that the return of G-Darius, a side scrolling, bullet hell, classic shoot ’em up is now available across both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch digital shop fronts right now. For those of us who love a physical edition (who doesn’t), a boxed copy will be coming, albeit later in October.

24 years after the original G-Darius burst onto the arcade scene with it’s thumping soundtrack, chunky visuals and multiple paths to progress through the story mode, the HD remaster is set test even the most seasoned Shoot ‘Em Up aficionados.

The story of G-Darius HD is set around a conflict between the Amnelia Kingdom and the merciless Thiima Empire that took place before the battle between the people of Darius and Belsar. During this conflict, the iconic Silver Hawks were created to make use of the game’s unique capture ball system that allows you to forge your own strategy and gain an edge over the enemy.

This release of G-Darius HD includes:

  • Branching stages and multiple paths through each stage
  • Iconic, maritime-inspired boss designs
  • Unique enemy spacecraft capture system for strategic depth
  • Playable with modern high-resolution, or original arcade graphics

The key feature is that you can choose between the original and new graphics. While we do love fancy High Def visuals, there is something nostalgic about playing games how they were originally presented.

This is the fourth game in the Darius series which first started way back in 1987. The first three games have already been remastered under the Darius Cozmic Collection which released back on Switch in 2019 & PS4 in 2020. We hope that with TAITO and ININ Games interest in the older games, we do get a new entry in the series.

G-Darius HD is available digitally on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch now and is priced at £24.99. A physical copy is scheduled for launch on 28th October.