Gamedec – A Cyberpunk Noir Thriller Set For July Release

7 June, 2022 - 1:49 pm by
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Developers Anshar Studios and indie publishing label Untold Tales are bringing Gamedec, an isometric RPG with a dystopian narrative to the Nintendo Switch in July.

Originally released last year for PC, Gamedec is a single-player, detective thriller set in a dystopian version of Warsaw City and is due out on Nintendo Switch from 1st July. Rather than murder your way to the top as seen in other similar looking games, players investigate missions in this non-combative exploration game.

Missions revolve around cleaning up the city by investigating bizarre virtual worlds created by criminals. Quick decision-making skills allows the story to branch out much like a classic table-top RPG.

Gamedec is set to give players a multitude of options that will impact what options become open or closed from one case to another. This ranges not only in the conversation options, but skills that can be obtained and the game’s overall story.

Each case has multiple routes to completion that affect the how the game pans out. The consequences can be immediate, long-term, or maybe won’t be immediately clear. No mission can be ‘failed’ either as any resolution will still push the story onwards. Anshar Studios have confirmed that you don’t even have to follow the main story – if you want to double cross your clients and sell their info on the black market and join the criminal underworld, then that’s fine.

Gamedec will be released for Nintendo Switch on 1st July for $/€29.99. There will be a preorder discount of 40% and an additional 10% off if you own any other Untold Tales published games.