Gamescom 2021 Indie Booth Presents: School Of Magic

28 August, 2021 - 10:00 am by
About 2 mins to read

Here’s an interesting game that’s coming from one-man dev team Part Time Indie. School Of Magic is a take on the deck building genre of games, where the action takes place as an isometric hack and slash. It’s certainly a unique concept and one we were curious to learn more about. It’s due out on Steam next year with a demo and prologue coming shortly. Let’s have a look at what the game will offer.

School of Magic is set around one guy who couldn’t pay his entry fee into the titular school. As such our wannabe wizard has somehow gained a scholarship, and must work his way through the game to pass the entrance exam and live out his dreams.

When the test starts, the world around you becomes hostile, filled with enemies who will stop at nothing until you’ve failed the exam. Combat in the game is set as your typical hack and slash with magical projectiles and swirling attacks to take out large groups – think Diablo, but instead of grinding for that sweet XP, you level up by finding cards strewn throughout the land and building a deck of cards to enhance your skill set.

Currently School Of Magic is a little while away – coming out in 2022, but a prologue can be found on steam. Here’s the link to wishlist the game.