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Gamescom 2021 Indie Booth Presents: You Suck At Parking

24 August, 2021 - 3:00 pm by
About 1 mins to read

When I discovered You Suck At Parking, I thought Ian had been criticising my driving again. Turns out while he was doing that, there is a video game of the same name that’s being developed and published by Happy Volcano. Having slipped from a 2021 release, the game is now due in 2022 on Steam. Other consoles will follow at a later date.

The aim of You Suck At Parking is to drive around a gravity defying course either on your lonesome or with others like you were in the Fast and Furious movies. By driving, drifting, jumping and teleporting through tricky courses you can feel like Vin Diesel and discover what extreme parking really is.

The physics based mayhem means that no two races are ever the same. The interactions of players and NPC and the obstacles on the roads means that the environments are always changing. Along with the main campaign, there will be a track editor included so that you can create your own, bonkers courses to test your friends.

You Suck At Parking is due out in 2022 and can be added to your Steam wishlist, or download a demo here.