GAMESCOM 2022: New Area Announced For Tower Of Fantasy

24 August, 2022 - 9:00 am by
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It might have only been out for a few weeks but Towers Of Fantasy is going gangbusters, with over 10 million downloads since its official worldwide release earlier in the month and to capitalise on the MMORPG’s quickly expanding userbase, publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio have revealed a look at a new area.

Vera will be a free expansion to Tower of Fantasy, an already free-to-play title that was released on browser, iOS & Google Play earlier in August. Vera is set to be a cyberpunk-inspired area that brings new mounts, monsters, weapons, and environments such as The Desert Gobby.

The Desert is described as ‘an irradiated wilderness with the cyberpunk hub of Mirroria found in the heart of the desert’ and will be where most of the additional content is housed. Along with the expansion, players will be excited to find new instances, raids, and legendary bosses that they can take on either solo or as part of their crews. Of course, these new missions will unlock some tasty goodies. 

For those who have yet to join in with Towers of Fantasy, the game is set on a distant planet of Aida, after humanity has escaped the collapsing environment of Earth. Players are tasked with exploring the vast world and the shared open-world MMORPG combines both co-operative group and solo adventures, with freeform character development, unique simulacrums, and combat that allows players to switch weapons on the fly. The game is currently available on PC and mobile devices, and the Anime-inspired open world includes cross-play with cross-progression. 

Tower of Fantasy is enjoying its launch month as Level Infinite confirmed not only the 10 million install figure but the Free-To-Play MMO has hit the top spot of the App Store Free games list in 36 countries and regions and currently resides in the global top 10 across an additional 122 territories. Not bad for a game that was released on 11th August.

Tower of Fantasy is free to play and is available at the official site, as well as on the App Store and Google Play. The game will launch later on Steam and the Epic Game Store.