Geralt of Rivia Crosses Over To Destiny 2

21 November, 2023 - 8:57 pm by
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Bungie has revealed the upcoming in-game collaboration with CD Projekt Red is coming to Destiny 2 alongside Season of the Wish on 28 November. Guardians will be able to style themselves as the mystical monster slayer Geralt of Rivia.

The Witcher 3 crossover includes armor ornaments, a Ghost shell, ship, Sparrow, emote, and finisher and will be available for a limited time at the beginning of the next season of Destiny.

Guardians will return to The Dreaming City where they will discover new activities, gear, and secrets when the Season of the Wish begins in Destiny 2 next week. The season is not only the last one before The Final Shape expansion releases on 27 February 2024, but the final season ahead of next year’s overhaul.

When The Final Shape releases, Bungie will change up the four season per year model into a 3 step story arc that gives Guardians more in depth to the stories on offer.

The latest crossover with Geralt is no doubt part of Bungie’s plans to rejuvenate interest in Destiny 2. The Lukewarm reception of the Lightfall expansion, plus the numerous server issues over the last few months has tempered excitement for the online shooter.

The Final Shape however is gearing up to be an essential part of Destiny 2 as it hurtles towards its 2025 conclusion. Those looking to catch up on the story so far are in luck as the entire Destiny 2 catalogue is discounted up to 67% off on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam stores until 28 November.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.