Glorious Launches A New Key Capsule Program With New Sketch Keycaps

7 May, 2024 - 2:00 pm by
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PC accessory maker Glorious has announced a new Key Capsule program that allows keyboard aficionados and enthusiasts to get their hands on a new set of limited edition keycaps every month. The first set, titled Sketch is going on sale today and is aimed at those looking to spruce up their typing slab.

UPDATE 07 May 2024 19.56: Prices added

GPBT Sketch is the first in Glorious’ series and is limited to 1,000 sets. The 138-key set is made from PBT polymer and dye-sub printing meaning they are built to last. The Sketch set is compatible with most mechanical keyboards so long as they use Cherry Profile switches. The set includes a split spacebar, different sized Shift, Enter and Ctrl keys, and all the NUM keys needed to complete 100% builds. For Mac users, the set includes the specific CMD keys, which rounds out the compatibility nicely.

While they probably won’t improve your gaming skills, the set themselves are lovely and give off a cell-shaded look, something straight out of XIII or Borderlands. The arrow and WASD keys are simply stunning in the design and add a nice splash of colour to the set while moving the legends to the side, which means they won’t fade over time. The fact they are compatible with most mechanical keyboard sizes is also a plus, but as a UK/ISO user, a few additional keys like the 2/” and 3/£ keys are missing. The RRP for the set is £89.99.

As mentioned, these caps are in limited supply, with only 1000 sets going into production. Glorious will release new caps on the first Tuesday of the month, so if these aren’t to your style, keep an eye on their site for future drops.

Glorious Key Capsule keycaps can be obtained from their website – here. People on the mailing list have 24 hours to secure their nuggets before they go on general sale tomorrow.

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