Grapple Dog Hits Xbox Consoles Next Week

11 November, 2022 - 6:00 pm by
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The lovely folks over at Super Rare Games, along with Medallion Games have confirmed that the charming Indie platformer Grabble Dog will swing its way to Xbox Series X|S really, really soon.

Pablo and his friends will be available to Xbox players from 18th November – that’s a week from today! Developed (almost) on his lonesome, game designer/pixel artist Joseph Gribbin has created a wonderful platformer over the course of several years. To cap off the package, music by Jazz Mickle and sound design by Damion Sheppard make Grapple Dog one of our favourite Indie platformers of the year.

This marks the first Super Rare Game to feature on another console, other than the Switch and our Drew was suitably blown away by the game in his review:

From the beautiful visual style and catchy music to the throwback level design and tight mechanics, Grapple Dog is a blast all around. The gameplay is easy enough to pick up but difficult enough to feel rewarding, and the light-heartedly story and adorable characters round out the experience really nicely.

Drew Sherrat – Grapple Dog Review

Elsewhere, it was announced that a physical edition of Grapple Dog is now available for Switch players, and there are currently a few copies left on SRG’s site.

We’re excited to see Grapple Dog to reach a wider audience when it releases on Xbox Series X|S consoles on 18th November.