Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines Gets August Release

23 May, 2024 - 6:31 pm by
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2D platformer Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines is set to be released on PC, Switch and Xbox Series X|S in August 2024. The sequel to the 2022 indie gem sees Pablo return with his trusty grappling hook to bounce, slide and jump through tricky levels filled to the brim with puzzles.

Joining Pablo in Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines is Luna, a new pub that prefers to run and gun rather than swing around the environment. New mechanics including the addition of magnetic panels and fire-dashing are set to improve Medallion Games’ platformer when Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines releases 15th August.

Luna’s run-and-gun mechanics will certainly add a new level of depth to the platforming proceedings. From the trailer above, we can see her using her gun as a defacto grappling hook, along with a neat jump-dash as she and Pablo set off on a journey through multiple dimensions.

In Drew’s review of the original game, he said that Grapple Dog offers a “beautiful visual style and catchy music to the throwback level design and tight mechanics, Grapple Dog is a blast all around.” Fans will be pleased to know that much of what made the first game great is intact. Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines retains the same chunky-pixel artwork and Jazz Mickle returns to score the soundtrack.

Other improvements seem to be focussed on the Time Trial mode. This is set to offer players an added challenge, as they race against the clock. Further than this, Medallion teases that players may have some outside interference at play while they try to claim the title of Top Dog.

Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines will be released for Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox Series X|S on 15 August 2024

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