Green Hell VR Gets Multiplayer Update

3 June, 2024 - 8:50 pm by
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The long-awaited multiplayer update for Green Hell VR will be coming to Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and PSVR 2 players by the end of 2024. The news comes as part of the update that Green Hell VR is now available for the Meta Quest + subscription service.

Co-op multiplayer is coming to Green Hell VR in Q4 2024 and will bring a host of helpful features as players navigate the unforgiving survival game. Gamers will be able to support each other during a fight, either with melee weapons like an axe or ranged weapons like a bow. The larger the group, the more chance the group can survive, especially against the jungle’s most deadly opponents like jaguars.

Working as a team is vital and with the new co-op mode, players can heal and feed struggling teammates. The developers Incuvo have built visual aids to help with this. For example, if a player becomes poisoned, then their hand will turn a different colour, indicating help is needed. If someone falls unconscious, then the group can choose to revive them using their supplies.

The cooperation isn’t just limited to helping players in a pinch as Green Hell VR will give the players the option to build together. Incuvo is working to make building camps and structures by using everyone’s materials as easy as possible. This portion of the game isn’t exactly ready but the developers expect the buildings to “snap into place” when the update goes live.

While it’s disappointing that there isn’t a confirmed date for the Green Hell VR co-op mode, it is still reassuring to know that Incuvo hasn’t forgotten about the feature. For now, players who have yet to take the plunge, and are subscribed to Meta Quest +, can download the survival game as part of their subscriptions.

Green Hell VR is available now on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and PSVR 2. The game is also available through the Meta Quest + subscription service.

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