23 June, 2011 - 4:00 pm by

Today sees the Twentieth Birthday of everybody’s favourite blue hedgehog. In 1991 we first saw Sonic run through Green Hill Zone on the Mega Drive and he only had the jump and roll to his name. 20 years on and we are waiting expectantly for the next instalment in one of VGN’s favourite Videogame series. Sure, he’s had his ups, downs and the awful, AWFUL Werehog thing but we love him like our brother.

To celebrate this historic day, SEGA have released a 20 day free trail of GreenHill Zone from the up and coming Sonic Generations. The demo can be downloaded from either the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. It features Classic Sonic running through the 2D version of the level.

Also there are a number of bundles available for 20 days on the PSN or Xbox live. They include bundles of all the Sonic games at a discounted rate, trailers, themes and more.

Happy Birthday Sonic and we hope you have a successful future ahead of you!