Hollywood Files Deadly Intrigues Announced for the DS

26 April, 2011 - 8:28 pm by
About 1 mins to read

Easy Interactive today announced that their latest videogame will hit the Nintendo DS on the 1st June 2011. Hollywood Files Deadly Intrigues is a DS game that’s full of mini-games with a storyline and a hidden objective. This detective game follows the protagonist, Zoey, a private investigator and the owner of a healthy detective agency in Hollywood. A famous actor, Pete, dies in a freak car accident and it’s our very own Zoey’s job to check if there are any mysteries behind this man’s death.

With 30 different levels, over a 1000 hidden objects to find and various puzzles and skill games, it’s set to keep mystery and detective game fans happy for a while. It’s laid out in a comic book style and under each chapter there are a number of objectives in each chapter of the comic. The full feature list is as follows:

• Story mode with 30 levels of hidden object gameplay
• Over 1000 hidden objects to find
• Intriguing pre-defined story set across three chapters
• Well-defined objectives to fulfil and secrets to uncover
• Mix of 20 puzzle and skill based mini-games
o Skill games:
• Reflex
• Drawing
o Puzzle games:
• Jigsaw puzzle
• Slide puzzle
• Minesweeper
• Memory
• Word finder
• Mechanical Puzzles
• Memory game