Hostile Mars Makes Story Debut With Demo At Steam Next Fest

29 September, 2022 - 4:45 pm by
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A new demo for the up-and-coming base builder Hostile Mars will be available during Steam Next Fest according to the developer Big Rook Games.

Hostile Mars is set for a release this year but tid whet player’s appetite, the demo will be available on Steam from 3rd to 10th October and will be the first time the story elements will be discovered by players.

What we do know about Hostile Mars is that the game aims to task players with building a base on the Red Planet before increasingly difficult waves of enemies try to take you down.

The demo will allow for exploration of the game’s open world so that you can salvage materials to reinforce the stronghold before the horde tries to undo all your good work. There will be 20 waves of baddies, each getting more difficult as the demo progresses so it’ll be down to you to make sure the technology of your defences is up to snuff.

Along with a number of new enemies and items, Hostile Mars will tease players with aspects of the plot, which haven’t been seen in any previous demos. It’ll also feature a number of quality of life improvements and other tweaks to the core game as we head to the launch.

Hostile Mars is set for a 2022 release, and the demo can be downloaded from 3rd October.