Indie Game ‘Glyph’ Is Coming Soon To Steam, Also On Sale On Switch e-Shop

24 May, 2021 - 3:34 pm by
About 2 mins to read

You’ll be forgiven for not hearing about Glyph. Originally releasing on the Nintendo e-Shop in January this puzzle platformer that looks like a cross between Journey and the morph ball from Metroid Prime, largely went unnoticed. That’s through no fault of the developers, but the Nintendo e-Shop has so many games available, sometimes gems are truly hidden. However, Danish developers Bolverk Games has a few announcements.

As the title of the article is not so subtle, you’ll be able to guess that a version of Glyph is coming to Steam soon. While we don’t have a solid release date, the game can be put on your wishlist here.

Glyph has you exploring over 80+ levels in this puzzle-platformer. Rolling and flying are your methods of transport as you explore and look for hidden items in an effort to restore the ancient Temple City, which has become overcome by the desert. There are multiple game modes to try out as well as some tough boss fights. Direct from the developers, you can expect:

  • 80+ levels in Exploration mode mean you’ll have to put serious effort into the game before you’ve seen it all.
  • 30 blazing hot levels put your skills to the test in Time Trial mode.
  • 100+ secrets and upgrades are all part of the game from the beginning. With Glyph, you won’t have to pay for extra skins or cool unlocks.
  • A wicked mean final boss (their words, not ours)…

If you search on the Nintendo e-Shop you’ll also find a free demo highlighting the game’s mechanics as well as a 50% off offer. A proper bargain even if we do say ourselves.