iSpot released for DSi and 3DS

17 February, 2012 - 7:56 pm by
About 1 mins to read

It’s a past time that’s existed for many years, some say it promotes hand-eye co-ordination, others say that it’s helping your mental agility. Either way, playing those printed games in the back of magazines, yes, spot the difference games. It’s kept many a bored child busy in the back of the car and this is something that EnjoyUp games have noticed and given a distinctly oriental slant.

Whereas magazines normally showed pictures of some celebrity or Aladdin, with something badly photoshopped out, iSpot, has taken picture of significant landmarks in Japan and made subtle alterations to the pictures. Using the touch screen technology it’s literally turned what was once something nice to have at the back of a magazine, into a game.

Ranging from southern Kyushu to northern Hokkaido, you’ll get to know all of Japan through exclusive beautiful pictures carefully tricked to create visually challenging differences.

It’s available, immediately via the eShop.