Lost In Cult Teams Up With Did You Know Gaming For A Card Based Dungeon Crawler

14 November, 2023 - 6:00 pm by
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The popular YouTube channel, Did You Know Gaming, is teaming up with design studio Lost in Cult to present a new card game full of facts and trivia about the world of gaming. Do You Know Gaming features more than 463 cards with original artwork and is set to present a challenge to both casual and expert gamers alike, but rather than this being a straight-up Q&A, there is a classic video game-style twist to the precedings.

Inspired by old-school dungeon crawlers, Do You Know Gaming is a game up to four players choose from a selection of 18 colourful Player Characters, all of which possess different Health, Inventory Space and a unique Ability. Together they’ll work through a dungeon, encountering deadly creatures and taking turns to ask each other trivia questions.

The player in combat will select a question based on their chosen difficulty, dealing damage respective to the question level and progressing through the maze, collecting loot. The game progresses until enough monsters are defeated and players face down a tough boss, such as Calamity Ganon.

Do You Know Gaming will be heading into production after a funding period and is available in a few different sets, starting from £39.99. Lost in Cult is renowned for its dedication to celebrating all things gaming and is confident that all funding targets will be hit. They have lined up with names across the industry to provide two additional cards after each £5000 stretch goal has been hit.

Here’s what to expect from each edition:


The Standard Edition of Do You Know Gaming? comes in an iconic, signature long box, including all 463 base game cards, with plenty of interior room for the 16-page rulebook, card counters, and future expansions!
Backers will also receive the first ten Crossover Card unlocks, featuring 10 indie game cards + 10 content creator cards – unlocked after every £5000 funding milestone we hit!

DELUXE EDITION – 60 DayCampaign Exclusive,£99.99 RRP

Our ultimate, premium version of Do You Know Gaming?, available exclusively during the funding campaign at Lost In Cult. Deluxe Edition comes in a unique box modelled after PC game boxes from the 80s and 90s, under our definitely-not-fake game, Quizardry. Alongside everything from the Standard Edition, you’ll get 4 individual, folded player mats, designed with old computer RPGs in mind, 3 enamel pin badges, and 4 exclusive D10 dice in place of the standard card counters.

As well as the Standard Edition’s first 10 Crossover Card unlocks, Deluxe Edition backers will exclusively receive the next 10 Crossover Card unlocks, for a possible total of 40 extra cards!

SIGNED EDITION – £149.99 RRP, limited to 250 units

Our limited Signed Edition features everything from the Deluxe version, with an added A3 poster of the cover art, an exclusive holographic sticker, and the box signed by Dazz, Greg, and Shane from Did You Know Gaming.

DESIGN YOUR OWN CARD EDITION£249.99, limited to 10 units

Become the game. This highly limited edition includes everything from the Signed Edition, with the added ability to create your very own Character or Boss card – our illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham will work with you to design and create your own unqiue card, based on your likeness or your wild idea.

Do You Know Gaming will be released in 2024 and full details can be found directly from Lost In Cult (opens in a new tab).

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