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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets A New Trailer & 14th May Release Date. Almost All DLC Included

4 February, 2021 - 7:00 pm by
About 2 mins to read

BioWare & EA have finally given us a look at the remastered Mass Effect Trilogy which will be launching on 14th May across PS4, Xbox One & PC. This package is not just a visual improvement as it includes most DLC but does leave somethings in the past.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is package that follows Commander Shepard through the Milky Way across the span of three video games and be available in 4K with HDR support. The action RPG also includes around 40 pieces of DLC however there are some omissions.

Most notably, the multiplayer element from Mass Effect 3 is missing as BioWare chose to prioritise the single player elements rather than working out the logistics of hosting the multiplayer elements. Pinnacle Station, DLC from the first Mass Effect is also absent as the source code is no longer operational, despite BioWare’s best efforts.

It’s not all bad news. As well as the visual upgrades (most notably from the first game), the Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes a huge number quality of life improvements such as revised menus and a redesigned heads up display. You can now play as Female Shepard throughout the trilogy and the character creation tool has been uniformly redesigned across all games.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches on PS4, Xbox One & PC on 14th May. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S will be supported through forwards compatibility.