Microsoft Are Automatically Improving Old Games With FPS Boost

4 May, 2021 - 9:56 pm by

Back in February, Microsoft announced that select games from previous generations of their consoles would take advantage of the Xbox Series X|S hardware to give older generation games a little boost. This week, the team in green have added a heck of a lot more games to this service. 70 games have been added bringing the total to 97.

If you have been lucky enough to secure a spanking new Series X or Series S, you can take advantage of increased frame rates, giving older titles a new lease of life. The full list can be found on Major Nelson’s blog (here’s the link).

What’s impressive about this service is that the large majority of games are being boosted beyond 60 Frames per second to 120 FPS. This means that games look even smoother and can help with more precise actions, handy for platformers and first-person shooters.

Remember, this is a feature that’s no additional cost to you. Either pop in an old game, download it from your library or play it through Game Pass to take advantage of the FPS Boost. You only have to make sure you’ve enabled the option in your settings.