Microsoft Officially Moves Away From Xbox One After 10 Years

16 June, 2023 - 2:43 pm by
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Microsoft have confirmed that no internal developers are working on new Xbox One games. The console originally released a decade ago and while got off to a rocky start thanks to the DRM issues with second-hand discs and forced Kinect, the console did end up having some great games like Sunset Overdrive, and Gears 5.

The news comes via and interview with Xbox’s Game Studio Chief Matt Booty¬†(Cheers Axios) who has stated that internal development is firmly focused on Xbox Series consoles. Those who watched the Microsoft Showcase last week will have noticed that the Xbox One logo was missing from all of the up and coming titles from any studio owned by Microsoft.

Moving on from an older console is to be expected, it was estimated that the sales of Xbox One ranged from 30-50million units sold, which is a lot of hardware but fell far short compared to Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS4. While it’s not as quick as Nintendo, who cut support for the Wii U minutes after the Switch released in 2017, it makes sense for Microsoft that three years into the new console cycle that support is phased out.

Ever since Xbox Series X|S consoles were unleashed in 2020, Microsoft has been leading the change for players to upgrade their machines. Smart delivery has been implemented to ensure a smooth transition for gamers and the seamless upgrades seem to be better than PlayStation’s cumbersome dual-app process.

It’s not all bad though, Xbox One owners who aren’t in a position to upgrade their machines can still make use of Cloud gaming as part of Game Pass, to stream some of the current-gen only titles. Of these it’s expected that Forza Motorsport will be available via this method when it releases later in the year. Microsoft also confirms that ongoing games, such as Minecraft and Sea of Thieves will continue to see support.