Monster Hunter 3

13 September, 2012 - 4:09 pm by

Capcom have exclusively announced that Monster Hunter 3 will be coming to Europe in March 2013. What we do know is that a 3DS version will release on the same day. The save data will be interchangeable between consoles. Much like how the Vita and PlayStation 3 interact. However it appears that Nintendo are keen to get the ball rolling within the console specified launch window.

Monster Hunter 3 will feature over 200 quests playable either as a solitary experience or with friends on or off line. Streetpass will also be used as players can exchange their guild card that contains all of their hunter’s information with other players via StreetPass. Then, the players can meet up online and quest together.

With Monster Hunter 3, Capcom have also woven in the ability for gamers playing on a 3DS to link up online with Wii U players for a total of 4 people. It is unclear at the moment if there are any rewards or discounts to owning both the 3DS and Wii U versions, but we know that Monster Hunter 3 will be available from March 2013 on the two consoles.