Neptunia ReVerse Comes To PlayStation 5 In June

6 May, 2021 - 11:16 pm by
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Hot on the heels of Neptunia Virtual Stars which released on the PlayStation 4 last month, Idea Factory and Complie Heart have announced that Neptunia ReVerse is coming to the PlayStation 5 on the 11th June. Along with the release date, Idea Factory have also detailed a lovely collections edition for both games in Europe as the lovely people across the pond.

The game is a reworking of the PlayStation Vita RPG – Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1. Of course, with this being an updated version of the game on a new consoles, ReVerse comes with a few quality of life improvements as well as retooled graphics.

The world you play in is Gamindustri – a distant world comprised of four nations, each under the divine protection of the Goddesses; Neptune, Noire, Blanc & Vert. We join the game as they are locked in the Console War, the four Goddesses vie for domination of the planet until Neptune is cast down and stripped of her power.

Neptunia ReVerse has never looked better with the game taking advantage of the PlayStation 5’s power. Along with the graphical upgrade, there have been improvements to the UI so information on the world map, current objectives and dungeons are easy to access. Your party has been upgraded to four players, to give the turn based RPG a familiar experience.

The limited edition comes in a lovely package which includes a physical copy of the game, artbook, steelbook, soundtrack, sticker set and a double sided poster and can be ordered from the European Idea Factory website.

For those worried about jumping into a 10 year old series, it’s worth noting that Neptunia ReVerse is the first entry into the Nep series, so it’s the perfect jumping on point. In our review of Virtual Stars, we admitted it was a series that passed us by, however we’d be interested in seeing where the series began.

Luckily for us there is not long to wait as Neptunia ReVerse launches on the PlayStation 5 on 11th June.