Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Set For January Release

11 November, 2022 - 5:23 pm by
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Neptunia: Sisters Vs Sisters is the next game in Idea Factory‘s long running RPG series and the latest entry is scheduled to hit PlayStation 4 and PS5 next year. Luckily, fans of the series will be pleased to note that both versions will also see a physical release across both the US and Europe.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will release on 24th January 2023 across both PlayStation consoles and PC. With the latest entry in the franchise, Idea Factory have switched up the action somewhat. Rather than playing as the Four Goddesses of Gamindustri as seen in previous games, this time we play as the Goddess Candidates, led by Nepgear, the sister of Neptunia.

After waking from a two-year-long slumber to a Gamindustri that has been upended by a treacherous threat called the Trendi Phenomenon causing citizens to stay inside fearing attacks from monsters. While the Goddesses were out responding to a distress call from the faraway PC Continent, Nepgear and the other Candidates were sent to investigate an abandoned laboratory.

Coincidentally a new device called the rPhone has taken over the world and is used for all major communications and the Goddesses are nowhere to be found…

The action-RPG will also reintroduce the new buddy system, where characters will gain stat boosts based on the relationships with other party members, and the usual combo combat system will allow for the team of four to work together an take on hordes of enemies all at once.

A Limited Edition will be offered exclusively through the IFI NA and European Online Stores. Those who purchase either the Standard Edition or Limited Edition at the IFI Online Stores will also receive an exclusive trading card.

The Limited Edition includes:

  • Game (with reversible cover sleeve)
  • Steel Game Case
  • “The Planeptower Archives” Hardcover Artbook
  • Next-Gen Tunes Official Soundtrack
  • Large Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Mousepad
  • Collector’s Box
  • Exclusive Trading Card

Having Nepgear and the sisters take over the starring role is a fresh change of pace and should allow IF! and Compile Heart to explore new characters that have, up until now, been side-lined for the older sisters.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will release on 24 January on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.