New Tiger Woods Kinect Video

27 March, 2012 - 8:14 pm by
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EA have released a promotional video showing how Kinect is used in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. This is the first time EA have built a controller free sports game, taking it one step further than the motion controls used for previous games on the Nintendo Wii. WARNING: the video does contain gratuitous amounts of over acting and cheesyness. You have been warned!

Aside from the high-fives and sexist discrimination that women can’t play golf, what EA have done is create an even more realistic game than previously done on the Nintendo Wii. Aiming your shots and calculating directions of the ball are all done by hand and body movements, and changing clubs is as easy as saying which club you want.

As well as this, EA have confirmed the presence of some familiar faces outside of the golfing world if the game is pre-ordered from Blockbuster. Football Fourball lets players become faces from Football such as Wayne Rooney or Petr Cech.

For those without Kinect, a standard controller can also be used. A PlayStation 3 version with Move capabilities is also available. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 will be available 30th March.