Niantic Announces Second Pokémon Go Community Day For January

4 January, 2022 - 10:32 pm by
About 2 mins to read

Pokémon Go players have been treated to a lot of in-game events over the last few months, monsters sporting Christmas and New Year’s hats have taken over the app and there’s a variety of rewards to enjoy for completing tasks relating to the Season of Heritage. Today, Niantic have announced a second community day later in January featuring Pokémon #001 – Bulbasaur.

Dubbed Community Day Classic: Back to Bulbasaur, the ‘day’ will begin at 14.00 local time on Saturday 22nd January and last until 17.00. Even though this is a few hours shorter than the usual 11am start, the Bulbasaur event will include the usual benefits; Incense & Lure Modules lasting for three hours, 30 free ultra balls and 5 ‘surprise’ encounters in photo mode. There’s also 3 x catch XP on all monsters and an increase on shiny Bulbasaurs found in the wild.

As is now common with community days, a £0.79 pass can be purchased through the shop to unlock a research story and other benefits and a Community Day Box will be available for 1,280 PokéCoins, featuring 50 Ultra Balls, five Lucky Eggs, five Star Pieces, and an Elite Charged TM.

For those who want to use their shiny new Venusaur in battle, by evolving Ivysaur during the event or up to two hours afterwards you can get a Venusaur that knows the Charged Attack Frenzy Plant.

This is an additional event, on top of the planned Spheal community day taking place on Sunday 16th January.