Nintendo Announces Closure of 3DS & WiiU eShops

16 February, 2022 - 6:33 pm by
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Nintendo have confirmed they are discontinuing the 3DS and WiiU eShops from 2023. You’ll still be able to redownload software and patches you’ve previously purchased but all demos, free trails, free-to-play games, and sales of software will cease.

In a post on the Nintendo UK website, the company state that from “Late March 2023” players will no longer be able to make any purchases on either platform.

On top of that, from the 29th August the e-shop will no longer be able to redeem gift cards. The only way to buy games between August and March will be to make sure your Switch account is linked to the Nintendo Network and top up that way.

For the North American market, the same dates will apply plus the ability to pay by card will also be removed. Those of us in Europe had this feature disappear some time ago.

For the time being, the online servers will remain open for multiplayer gaming, but as with the Wii and Nintendo DS era, these will likely go soon after.

It’s another blow for gamers who buy digital. Yes we are fully aware the 3DS is a decade old at this point and the Wii U sold 13 million units during it’s life but if the big players want gamers to adopt a digital future, then they have to put their money where their mouth is and keep storefronts open, or find away to preserve the digital only games for the new ecosystems, as some titles will be lost forever.

The full article can be found here.