Perkuna’s Dragon Dated

14 November, 2011 - 7:32 pm by
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Everyone loves a good Dragon, they are mean, scary and in Western World are huge, fat and fly very fast. There are no guns, or puzzles to solve, they are simply dragons. Yet, in Fantasy Gamers’ latest game, Perkunas’ Dragon it would appear that RPG, shooting and puzzles are part of the gameplay. To show this off just a little more, Fantasy Games have released a new trailer and the release date of Perkuna’s Dragon.

Once upon a time, when people could not yet grasp the laws of nature, they would pray to the Gods for help with the difficulties in their lives. They would offer sacrifices upon the altars when drought arrived and the crop withered under the ruthless sunbeams. They called upon the Gods for help when they suffered from hunger, cold or sickness.

Not much changed during the reign of Duke Radbod. A strange disease attacked his country, quietly and insidiously, killing humans and animals alike. Radbod prayed to great Perkunas and the God heard his prayers. However, instead of help, he sent a dragon.

Perkunas’ Dragon: Episode One – Lost in an Unknown Land will be released on the Xbox Live on the 18th November for 240 Microsoft points.