Persona 5: Strikers Officially Announced By ATLUS. Coming 23rd February

11 December, 2020 - 4:30 pm by

UPDATE 11 December 2021 – Preorders Now live and detailed within!

Atlus have announced the preorder bonuses for Persona 5 Strikers:

The Physical and Digital Standard editions feature a Digital Art Book, 40 song soundtrack and behind the scenes video.

Digital Deluxe Edition – Available from the relevant Steam, PlayStation4 & Switch store includes:

  • Exclusive access to the game four days early, on 19th February
  • Bonus Content Digital Download
    • Digital Art Book
  • Digital Soundtrack – Over 40 songs included
  • Behind-the-Scenes Video – Making of the Music “You Are Stronger” and “Towards a Dream”
  • Persona Legacy BGM
    • Persona 1 and Persona 1 PSP remakes
    • Persona 2 Innocent Sin and Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
    • Persona 3 and Persona 3 Portable
    • Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden
  • All-out Attack Pack
  • Boost Skills Pack
  • Basic Affinity Skills Pack
  • Ally Buff Skills Pack
  • Armor Pack
  • Persona Points
  • Enemy Debuff Skills Pack

Original story 8 December:

This is one we’ve been expecting for a while, but it’s finally good to be typing the words Persona 5: Scramble The Phantom Thieves is finally being localised for Western audiences, with a new name to boot. Persona 5: Strikers will launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on 23rd February 2021.

Persona 5 Strikers isn’t your typical Persona game. This is based on the Dynasty Warriors series, albeit set in the Persona 5 world. However while you’ll be attacking hoards of enemies in one go, the battle system still operates like you would expect from the RPG series. Moves are planned out in advance, elemental weaknesses are still present and you can ambush enemies on the fly.

The story picks up roughly 6 months after the events of the main game. The Phantom Thieves are on a massive road trip across Japan, fighting back against the corruption that’s taken hold of the country.

All of the Thieves will be playable and as it is both a Warriors & Persona game you can expect there will be a lot of video game to explore and items to collect.

Persona 5: Strikers releases on PlayStation 4 (Playable on PS5), Nintendo Switch and PC on 23rd February 2021. Physical and Digital preorders begin on 10th December.