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PlayStation State Of Play – 9th March 2022

9 March, 2022 - 9:56 pm by
About 4 mins to read

Sony are back with another State Of Play presentation and here we’ve rounded up all of the PlayStation 5 & PS4 news contained within the 20 minute presentation, which was primarily focused on games from their Japanese studios and partners. Head inside to see how the action unfolded.

The whole presentation can be viewed in the embedded video below:


Exoprimal from Capcom brings a dino-fighting shooter, where humans mech-suit up to take on dinosaurs in a Dynasty Warriors style fighter. Coming 2023, and shows a tease for a mysterious combatant.

Tokyo Ghostwire

This one has feels like it’s been coming forever and it’s so close to release. The new trailer shows off plenty of ghosts, ghouls and magical abilities as modern day Tokyo is Coming 25th March.

Stranger Of Paradise – Final Fantasy

A new demo for Square’s retelling of the first Final Fantasy game from Team Ninja will be made available today ahead of the 18th March release.


Another on from Square Enix gets a new trailer and this looks like it’ll be a fun open world. The trailer shows a mix of fantasy, dragons and modern day Coming 11th October exclusively on PS5.

Gundam Evolution

A first person mech brawler coming to both PS5 & PS4 in the next few months. This brings three online modes in what looks like a fun arena shooter.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cowabunga Collection

A classic collection of TMNT games is coming to PlayStation (and presumably other consoles) later in the year. Arcade Game, Tournament Fighters and the sublime Turtles In Time headlined the trailer but a host of other games spun through that trailer so fast I couldn’t nab them all.

Giga Bash

Four player Kaiju is also coming to PS4 and PS5 later in the year. It looks like a fun, if rough and ready arcade melee fighter.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle

Rounding out the fighting section of the presentation is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle, a cel shaded over the top brawler featuring 50 characters from the anime is coming in 2022.

Trek to Yomi

A gorgeous looking black and white 2D hack and slash, set in the age of the Samurai is coming from Devolver Digital in the next couple of months. This is definitely on my radar!


It’s hard to believe that this next gen showcase has been out a year already, but to celebrate Sony have announced that a two player mode and an endless tower add-on will be coming. The Ascension update will release on 22nd March

The Diofield Chronicle

It might have only just launched on Nintendo Switch but Triangle Strategy wasn’t the only S-RPG square was making. The Diofield Chronical is a S-RPG featuring three factions vying for control of the continent. Instead of the Nintendo Switch counterpart, this will feature fully 3D animated models, CGI cut-scenes and mythical beasts such as dragons who are able to join the party and wreck havoc on the battlefield. Due out later in the year on both PS5 & PS4.

Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium was the final game, and again from Square Enix. This is a third person hack and slash, featuring a member of the Valkyrie adventuring through Asgard as Ragnarok is taking place. More details will surely follow.