Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Set Sales Records In 3 Days

24 November, 2022 - 12:24 pm by
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After just three days on sale, Pokémon Scarlet/Violet have passed the 10 million mark. That not only makes it the biggest launch of the series so far, but smashes other impressive stats. Nintendo are usually coy on celebrating their game’s opening numbers, unless they are really notable such as last months not on Splatoon 3‘s sales.

Not only has Pokémon Scarlet & Violet become the biggest opening in the 25 years of the monster hunting franchise, but is Nintendo’s biggest release across any of their platforms and franchises. To put this into perspective, Pokémon: Legends Arceus, which released earlier in the year has sold 12 million units since release. The last mainline games – Pokémon Sword/Shield which released three years ago are sitting on 25 million copies sold.

Scarlet/Violet‘s sales are massive for a single system – the Switch has around 110 million consoles sold meaning almost 10% of owners have the games… in the three days since it launched.

The success is likely down to the new way of playing the game, as Pokémon have finally built an open world game that allows players to freely explore the Paldea region at their own pace, not only this but four players can link up and explore the world together.

Of course the series still focusses on trading and battling Pokémon, but it seems that despite some technical issues (our review is still ongoing), the hype for this “passing fad” seems to be as strong as ever.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are out now for Nintendo Switch.