Prepare For The Final Smash On 5th October

24 September, 2021 - 9:58 pm by

On 5th October 2021 at 15.00 BST, Sakurai-San will take to YouTube to showcase the absolute final character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It’s been a long journey which started in 2018 when every character from the previous entries were announced in the “Everybody’s here” video and Sakurai saying that there will be minimal character DLCs, to now where we’re at the end of the second fighter pass.

We have no idea who the final Smash character would be and for once, there have been no credible leaks unless you count us trying to stir up Twitter by suggesting everyone from Sanic, to the Go Compare man.

But we don’t have long to wait for Goemon to be confirmed as the last Smash Bros Ultimate fighter. On 5th October, we’ll get an in-depth look at the new brawler, their stages and music. We’d expect as this is being billed as the final video on the subject, we’ll also get a look at the accompanying amiibo and perhaps a look at the as of yet unannounced amiibo, the only one we’ve seen from DLC 2 is the first character announced, Min-Min.

In keeping with tradition we’d say that the release date of the final character that will likely be either on the same day presentation or a few days after. But a more poetic date would be the 7th December, marking the game 3rd birthday.

Courtesy of Drew Sherratt

Whatever happens, Goemon or not, Sakurai-san and the rest of the team need to have a fair few days off as the Smash roster is one of the largest rosters seen in a fighting video game by some margin.