Rockband Blitz announced

4 April, 2012 - 6:42 pm by
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Harmonix has revealed that after a year of “cancelling new Rockband titles indefinitely” they will be releasing… a new Rockband game. Rockband Blitz is different to other music titles as no instruments are required to play. So no need to dust off the old guitar just yet.

What the game replaces the plastic band set up with is the controller, and this time one player controls the band. They way the game is played is that all of the roads for guitar, drums etc ar laid out in a line and the player chooses which one to play. They can move between any of them at any time. Pickups help improve scores.

There is no multiplayer to speak of in Rockband Blitz, however players can download friends scores and try to better it. Also, it has been confirmed that Blitz will be compatible with all of the Rockband set lists, totalling over 3000 songs. It comes with 25 of it’s own, which can be played on Rockband 3. Future DLC will work with Blitz too.

Rockband Blitz will be available via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace sometime in summer.