Roguelike Survival Game Codename Ocean Keeper Is Coming Soon To Steam

10 June, 2024 - 11:12 pm by
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Indie game developer Retro Style Games is bringing a new Roguelike in the form of Codename Ocean Keeper to Steam. Players get to pick up the mantle of Space Pirate as they search an underwater planet looking for ancient artifacts and other goodies to make some money.

Retro Style Games is a company made up of 10 people, all based in Kyiv, Ukraine. They have been busy building Ocean Keeper and have recently released a demo showcasing the roguelike title. Ocean Keeper has several elements to its gameplay, with the first being to deploy various mechs that explore the ocean floor as gamers search out valuable resources. Once these treasures have been found players will have to explore a mine before bringing the treasure back to their ship.

Ocean Keeper has several obstacles that try to thwart progress. Firstly, an ominous countdown begins as soon as the mech touches the sea bed, ticking down the lifeforce gamers have to play with. On top of a limited air supply, the Space Pirates have to contend with the local marine life who aren’t too keen on their new visitors. Thankfully, the valuables collected throughout the randomly generated worlds can be used to upgrade the gear and weapons on offer.

When in the mining sections, the pirates will leave their mech to go digging. This takes place in a 2D cave where players can search for valuable treasure. Again, time is limited so folks have to act with precision and speed to get the biggest haul as quickly as possible.

The team at Retro Style Games is busy putting the finishing touches to Ocean Keeper, and a full release is expected in July. For now, players can dive into a demo to whet their appetite for what lies ahead.

A demo of Codename Ocean Keeper is available now on Steam with the full game expected to launch in July 2024.

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