Souldiers by Retro Forge Has Been Pushed Back

11 May, 2022 - 2:40 pm by
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Developers Retro Forge have announced that Souldiers, a 2D exploration game has been slightly delayed. The game was originally planned for a 19th May launch on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, the release has been pushed back until June on all systems. 

Souldiers is a 2D RPG that combines souls-like combat with precision platforming into one stunning retro-inspired pixelart package. Players take on the role of either scout, caster or archer, battling for freedom in Terragaya, a mystical land on the border between life and death.

Retro Forge are now releasing the game on 2nd June and are using the time to ensure as many bugs and glitches are squashed before players get their hands on the game.

The full statement can be found below:

“We’re very pleased with how Souldiers is coming along overall, but we still have a few bugs to work out and we want to ensure that when we release the game – and ask consumers to spend their hard earned money on it – that they’re getting a bug-free premium experience.” “We know how much it sucks to have to wait longer, but we assure everyone that it will be worth the wait. We’re a small team, and developing a game of Souldiers’ scale, during a global pandemic no less, saw us overcoming many unforeseen challenges, so we really appreciate your patience as we polish up Souldiers into the refined retro experience you all deserve..”

Alberto Hernández, creative director at Retro Forge.

A delay with Souldiers is regrettable but from what we played at WASD and with our extended preview, we’re certain it’ll be worth the wait. Drew has been given an early preview of the game and is super excited to play the full experience. In his preview, he notes that:

I was utterly blown away by the quality of Souldiers and what it looks to offer upon its release. I don’t remember the last game that I looked forward to so eagerly, and the next few weeks will be spent with baited breath as I await the full version hitting the shelves!

Souldiers Preview

Souldiers will release on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 5 & 4 and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles on 2nd June.