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Splatoon 3 Releasing In September

22 April, 2022 - 3:13 pm by
About 3 mins to read

Nintendo have announced that Splatoon 3 will be hitting the Nintendo Switch in September. In addition to the news, Nintendo also dropped an exciting new gameplay trailer, showing off a wealth of new abilities on display. To cap off the trilogy of news, there’s also something exciting for players who have the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass.

Splatoon 3 will release on 9th September and the trailer below shows the improvements to Turf Wars from the outset. The 4-v-4 battles will take place across a mix of new and returning stages, as in previous games, the aim is to cover the most ground in their ink and in this trailer we’re intoduced to Eeltail Alley, a new map in the game.

We also have a look at the stringer – a new bow-shaped weapon type that enables players to sling ink sideways in a rapid fire set up along with a sniper-rifle esq vertical shot. One of the squid/kids is using what looks like an ink-based hookshot to traverse the map. Hopefully this replaces the super jump which was useful in the first game thanks to the Wii U gamepad, but next to impossible to use in the sequel.

You’ll also notice little extras such as players now having squid-based titles like “Attention Seeking Bass-Dropper”. Lil’ Judd seems to have grown up a little since we last saw him as he’s now sporting a fuzzier look. The special moves have also been upgraded, with a crab like robot shooting oversized paint balls being a standout addition for us.

We’ve also noticed that Splatoon 3 is taking a more heavy approach when it comes to the music. Loud guitar wails, heavy bass and we’ve even spotted some Metallica-esq pointy writing on the posters. Hopefully the blistering soundtrack translates into having some punk/metal inspired idols.

Away from Turf Wars, it was also confirmed that Splatoon 3 will have a brand new single player campaign along with the re-confirmation that a new Salmon Run will take place.

Questions still remain though, the main one surrounds how the online experience will be improved and will we still need to voice chat through an app? Also, why is there a camera icon in the trailer… Could it be that there will be a first person mode?

If it wasn’t enough to get players hyped for the next game, Nintendo has also announced that those who have the Switch Online Expansion Pass can enjoy the incredible Octo Pass Expansion for Splatoon 2. You’ll need a copy of the main game of course but this expansion not only adds a solid and lengthy single-player campaign but you’ll also be able to unlock Octolings for Turf Wars. This is available to download right now.

Splatoon 3 will be releasing on 9th September.