Street Fighter 6 Launches In June – Here’s All The Info You Need

3 January, 2023 - 11:16 pm by
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Since being first announced back in February 2022, Capcom has been drip-feeding information surrounding the latest entry in the 2D brawler series. With a release date set for June, there are still plenty more surprises to come, so we thought it best to collate all the information in one big news piece which will be updated as more info becomes available.

Street Fighter 6 – Vital Statistics

Coming to PC, PlayStation 5, PS4 and Xbox Series X|S consoles on 2nd June

Crossplay will be enabled from the outset

Editions available at launch:

  • Standard Edition (Physical and Digital) – Includes the base game which consists of the Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub modes as well as the 18-character launch roster
  • Deluxe Edition (Digital only) – Includes the base game as above and the Year 1 Character Pass which will contain four characters to be announced at a later date. Also includes colour variants for each of those Year 1 characters, and A bonus of 4,200 Drive Tickets for in-game purchases
  • Ultimate Edition (Digital) – Includes all of the above plus two additional costumes and their alternate colors for the four Year 1 characters, two more stages, and a bonus of 7,700 Drive Tickets.

Pre-order bonuses are also available to anyone who puts their money down early. These extras will include alternate colors for Chun-Li, Jamie, Manon, Dee Jay, Juri, and Ken. PlayStation digital pre-orders will also receive 18 in-game Special Titles and 18 Stickers featuring unique art from the launch roster to personalise their profile.

Line Up

Street Fighter 6 will have a healthy roster of eighteen fighters available when the game is released. Some will be recognisable like series stalwarts Ken and Ryu, others will be completely new to the scene. Here’s the confirmed list for the basic roster. The year one characters will be added once they are confirmed.

*Denotes new character

Style and Accessibility

Those eagle-eyed players will note that Luke is front and centre of the game, not only adorning the box art but all of the banners and various marketing materials. Capcom has said that he will play a big role in the main SF6 story. The change from Ryu is welcome after all, he’s been the main go-to guy for over thirty years, the promo art is a little… divisive in terms of its style.

Luckily the art is only on the front of the box, which will be quickly stored away never to be seen. The rest of the game however is shaping up nicely. Characters are as big and as over-the-top as ever and the splash of colour throughout the gameplay is looking gorgeous, to say the least. Capcom has certainly struck a balance when it comes to mixing up the graphics but still making them look recognisable.

Scratching below the surface will also reveal a game that’s accessible to seasoned professionals and newbies alike. Capcom has been hard at work on Street Fighter 6’s control scheme and will be implementing a raft of different features. Those who have the Hadokens and Spinning Bird Kicks memorised will already know the ropes, but those who are new to the fighting world can simplify the controls so moves can be executed with the tap of a button. This might seem like an easy way to win but when playing the game, nothing will beat muscle memory.


There are three confirmed modes to Street Fighter 6, Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub.

Battle Hub is where you’ll go for special online modes which haven’t been fully unveiled yet. We do know that if you own Street Fighter 5 and link your Capcom account, you’ll get access to Street Fighter II Turbo from launch day.

Fighting Ground is where most people will spend the majority of their time. This area contains the local and online versus battles as well as the usual training and arcade modes. The 2D story mode, which will be familiar to those who’ve played a fighter will be housed here.

World Tour is a new single-player story mode that features a fully customisable character. Once created, they can set off on a 3D adventure that features the full lineup. Minigames will also be housed here where players can let off steam before their next big match.

Street Fighter 6 will launch on 2nd June 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and PS4.