Surprise! Quake Remastered Launches Today

19 August, 2021 - 7:47 pm by
About 2 mins to read

As part of Quakecon 2021, Bethesda and idSoftware have announced that Quake Remastered is real and has launched on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC today. If you already owned a copy of Quake on Steam or Bethesda’s own portal, this’ll be upgraded at no extra cost. PS5 and Series X|S versions will come a bit later.

Quake Remastered comes with all 3 expansions and DLC as well as an all-new expansion “Dimension of the Machine“. Much like Doom Remastered, Bethesda have opened up Quake to community mods which can be downloaded at no extra cost.

The improvements don’t stop there, Quake Remastered will support local and online multiplayer as well as cross play between all platforms. Improved visuals, lighting and models are also the order of the day, so while Quake still looks like a game from the 90s, it’ll look great on a big panel TV. The original soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, is also still in place.

For PC & consoles with 4K support, you’ll get a full 4K/60fps experience, where as those who cannot support 4K will be running at 1080p/60FPS. The next-gen consoles are expected to offer 4K/120FPS so should be the smoothest looking game when they launch later in the year. If you buy the Xbox One and PS4 versions now, they will be upgraded at no extra cost.

If that wasn’t enough to whet your whistle on one of the most iconic first-person shooters, this comes in at a paltry £8. If you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, Quake Remastered is on the service at no extra cost. Quake 2 and Quake Arena are also included on Game Pass but these will only work on PC.