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Surprise! Sony Drops A PlayStation VR Spotlight. 6 Games Detailed. All Coming 2021

3 March, 2021 - 11:40 pm by
About 6 mins to read

Last week, Sony announced that players can expect a new virtual reality experience for the PlayStation 5. The completely expected PlayStation VR 2 (or whatever it’s called) won’t be unveiled just yet but that hasn’t stopped the Japanese giant showing it’s commitment to the medium by announcing 6 new games to the format. Let’s have a look at what was announced?

After The Fall

After The Fall brings a violent, post apocalyptic first-person shooter from Vertigo Games, creators of Arizona Sunshine. Expect to face hordes of monsters and mutants in a fight for survival.

The cinematic trailer certainly sets the scene with fast paced action and big monsters, but for a game coming out in the summer, it would have been nice to see some gameplay footage, although we should expect this in the next few weeks. When we get footage of the game itself we’ll know how it is shaping up, but After The Fall does look like one to keep an eye on.


Zenith: The Last City is a little different from developers Ramen VR. This is a first-person MMO. That’s right, Zenith is an VRRPGMMO for PSVR. The shorthand alone makes this worth picking up when it releases in 2021.

More than this, you can see from the trailer that the game is a love letter to all things anime and RPGs such as Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy. You can go anywhere and climb anything in the game world. Combat is a simple system of blocking, attack and parry, meaning you’ll be spending more time involved in the game instead of trying to figure out a complicated control system.

This all sounds great and the areas teased in the trailer look interesting. Hopefully Ramen VR will support the game to build up a dedicated following.

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The Liar

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The Liar not only has the longest title on today’s list, but also one of the most requested and anticipated followups for PlayStation VR. The original launched on the system back in 2017 so it’s great to see the espionage-puzzle game finally getting a sequel this year.

Stepping back into the world of spies and telekinetic powers, an all new challenge awaits. The puzzles and story is promising to go deeper than the first game. As the name suggests, the challenges will be tricky as no one expects you to survive, but I Expect You To Die.


No, we’ve not tricked you. The trailer really does feature that song from the ultimate Christmas film; Die Hard. Fracked also shares more in common than our jolly-John McClain action flick. There’s a winter wonderland waiting to shoot and blow up as you free run, ski, base jump and zipline your way through hectic levels.

Fracked will make use of the PlayStation Move controllers and have a 1:1 feeling in game. This responsiveness and accuracy will help the fast-paced flow of the game. While we’re disappointed that a typical control set up isn’t available, it is admirable to employ a realistic motion control approach.

The developers nDreams have confirmed that if you play the game through the PlayStation 5, you’ll experience better loading times and a smoother frame rate.

Not unlike Die Hard, Fracked releases this summer. Another coincidence that makes us think this is actually Die Hard 6 as a virtual reality video game.

Song In The Smoke

Song In The Smoke from 17-BIT is one of the more interesting looking titles of today’s announcements. The game plonks you in a prehistoric world where you have to fight for survival as you are being hunted by all sorts of beasts.

Not only do you have to keep on your toes from the animals around you, you also have to craft weapons to hunt your own prey. You can also explore the land in order to find more food, items or possibly something else.

The art-style looks top notch and with PlayStation VR, you know that having a 360 degree environment to constantly check and explore will have you on the edge of your seat. We can’t wait to get our hands on Song In The Smoke. It’s due for launch at some point in the year.

Doom 3 VR Edition

This one came out of nowhere. Doom 3 VR Edition brings the most divisive Doom games to PlayStation VR in spectacular fashion. Coming off the heels of Doom VFR, a side story to the 2016 reboot, you’d expect Bethesda to follow suit with a Doom Eternal spin-off. Nope.

Instead, what the team at ID Software have done is retooled Doom 3 and expansions Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission, for virtual reality. They stick you with a PlayStation Aim Controller and let you raze hell. Due to the new control set-up, you can peak around corners or perform quick 180 spins in next to no time.

Doom 3 VR Edition is the only game detailed today with a release date. It’s coming out on 29th March. That’s at the end of this month.