Scf-Fi Whodunnit Gnosia Gets Shadow Dropped Onto Steam

24 January, 2022 - 11:45 am by
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Gnosia, the visual novel/RPG from Playism that released last year for the Nintendo Switch has had a surprise release on Steam yesterday. Priced at £19.49 (or local equivalent), the game sees players navigate a strange spaceship where the inhabitants are being taken over by a mysterious alien lifeform.

From developer Petit Depotto and publisher Playism, Gnosia originally saw a Japanese release on the PS Vita before being ported to Nintendo’s handheld last year. Described as a Sci-Fi Social Deduction RPG in which an alien Gnosia has taken over the body of one of the crewmates and it is up to everyone else to find the perpetrator.

Set on a drifting spaceship, the player faces a mysterious and deadly threat known as the Gnosia. Each night on the spaceship someone is put into a cold sleep in an effort to eliminate the threat. Using judgement while choosing between 30 different commands to figure out which crew member – or crew members – could be Gnosia in disguise. Each loop of the game lasts around 15 minutes and the intruder is not always the same person.

Gnosia is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC players. The Steam page can be found here