The Ancients Takes Players Back To The Dawn Of Time

5 June, 2024 - 1:00 pm by
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The small team at Gorilla SoftWorks has been busy working on The Ancients, a turn-based strategy game that takes place at the beginning of human civilization, during a brutal time when it was fight or die. The game has been in development for some time and thanks to a successful Kickstarted campaign, is set to release on PC.

The survival strategy game sees players take control of a small tribe that is trying to survive the oncoming ice age. Folks must search each biome for materials and ensure their camp is ready for the onslaught of factors aiming to derail the fledgling human race. The Ancients releases on Steam today.

Along with preparing for the ice age, the small tribe has to work together so that they don’t become food for the number of beasties looking for their next meal. As players move around the globe, the tribes can research new technology such as tools and weapons to fortify defences. This leads The Ancients to one of the more important aspects, the social structure.

Gamers can make decisions on how the tribe’s identity evolves. This could mean giving them a cultural, political, spiritual, or moral identity. When the ideals of the tribe come to fruition, then players can see how happy and fulfilled each faction of the tribe becomes.

As the old adage goes; happy vibe, happy tribe, and balancing the happiness of the tribe will be key. The turn-based strategy simulation makes no bones about throwing every scenario at the player including the impending extinction-level ice age, and the brutal mammals fighting for food.

The Ancients is available now on PC (Via Steam).

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