The Falconeer – Edge Of The World DLC Gets A New Trailer

16 July, 2021 - 10:46 am by
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Fans of Thomas Sala’s The Falconeer, can rejoice as The Edge of the World DLC is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC on 5th August. The expansion provides a wealth of new missions to undertake on your ‘big ass bird’ as well as new locations in The Great Ursee.

The Edge of the World DLC increases the level cap to 24 (up from 20), includes 3 new mini campaigns and nine new missions to continue the fight against the Imperium rule. The blurb for each of the three missions are as follows:

  • “A strange request” – Assist a wealthy and eccentric client in recovering an ancient relic and encounter a deep and ancient evil.
  • “The Mawspring excursion” – Visit the exotic Mongress Mawsprings as they fight off a Mongress Hunter with a claim to rile, backed by an Imperial plot to expand their rule.”
  • “Lost Expedition” – Explore an ancient installation and uncover the dark fate of a Mancer expedition that was thought long lost.

Along with the new missions, in the trailer below new weapons to help the cause are shown off and also reveals two exclusive Legendary Ace classes and mounts. Ascend as the Arbiter who flies on the back of a Fenix, or soar over the Great Ursee as a Corsair aboard a prehistoric Pteron. Take to the skies and unleash the Imperial Shocklance, an electric weapon with the ability to eliminate multiple enemies at once.

The Falconeer is set in the world of Ursee and it’s your job to explore the massive world, uncover the secrets and history of the world, all while protecting it’s people from malicious pirates and other forces. It is an action-shooter that takes elements of Panzer Dragoon and Star Fox and drops you into an open world where you can complete missions and discover what the world has to offer at your own pace.

The Edge of the World DLC will launch on PC and Xbox Series Consoles and cost around £7 when it releases on 5th August. The Falconeer Warrior Edition, including this DLC will also release on PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch on the same day.