The Free Running Beat Em Up Kick Bastards Gets Steam Demo

2 June, 2023 - 3:22 pm by
About 1 mins to read

Something Something Games are busy preparing their latest game, Kick Bastards, a parkour game that sees you booting enemies as you run through hellish environments. Today, the team have announced a new trailer, and that a demo will be coming to Steam.

Kick Bastards is a game that keeps things simple, players run through one of 50 levels as quickly as possible, while also booting enemies into the aether with some satisfying kicks. To fully explain the premise of running and kicking, a new trailer has surfaced, which we’ve embedded below.

There is more to Kick Bastards than kicking everything in sight. Players have to link movements together to build up insane speed, get through the levels and set the fastest times. There’s a surprising depth to the the movement mechanics and gamers will have to build out their skills and find the craziest routes through each of the levels to become the greatest Kick Bastard of all time.

Kick Bastards is due for a release this year but the demo is already showcasing a fun, highly stylised game. It’ll be great to see how Something Something Games builds on the techniques as development comes to a close.

Kick Bastards is coming soon to Steam. Click here to add to your Wishlist